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why we love stories

When people say "Let's increase diversity!", sometimes it makes my skin crawl. Maybe because I'm not always confident they understand what that means. Hitting a quota feels like a shortcut to really understanding what diversity means & why it matters. That's why I'm starting this book club open to people of all genders and all ethnic backgrounds. It's a way for people from all walks of life to come together and start having real conversations about real stuff. Because increasing diversity starts by increasing awareness.

We're going to focus on fictional stories & memoirs. Here's why. When you live inside a character, it fosters a heightened empathy and understanding for people you encounter day-to-day. (At least according to Wall Street Journal). That's why people are captivated by stories. It's not just about absorbing information, it's about becoming a better, more perceptive human. 

So together, we'll read stories as told by minorities from all over the world. Together, we'll work to create and spread a better understanding of history, compassion and diverse understandings of the world.

We'll meet monthly in NYC. And hey, if you don't have time to meet up or you're not in the area, we'll be starting an online forum so you can follow along. If you're interested in reading a new book every month, connecting with unique people and maybe even eating some interesting cuisines, fill out the form below and we'll send you the details.

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